Motion on “Proposed Resolution Under Article 75 of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China” (2015.03.19)

MR CHAN KIN-POR (in Cantonese): This Council needs badly people who do solid work. But regrettably, in this debate today, it is apparent to us that many people do nothing when they are supposed to take actions, and when there is a chance to take advantage of the situation, they will spare no effort in doing so. Nevertheless, I am glad to hear what Ms Emily LAU said today. I do not agree with Ms Emily LAU on every matter, but I find her remarks earlier on really thought-provoking. She has rightly pointed out that the problem of this Council is that no one is willing to do serious business. And subsequent to the discussion by a group of assiduous representatives from various camps, many people have wildly taken advantage of their effort at once. Also, they betray their conscience on many issues without telling the whole truth in an attempt to secure votes by pulling wool over people’s eyes.

Hence, I think if “one person, one vote” is practised in Hong Kong and that members of the public cast their votes without getting sufficient information and gaining an understanding of the facts, it will be most dangerous. For this reason, I think the time is really not ripe yet for Hong Kong to implement “one person, one vote” election now. This is mainly because the performance of Members is below standard. Also, very often, the candidates act in an improper way with an improper motive, whereas members of the public also have inadequate understanding of the issues. Hence, I think it will come into reality only after a period of time.

I am grateful to Ms Starry LEE for making this fact clear earlier on. Members should understand that this motion only deals with the situation of Bills Committees, and so on. Just imagine a committee which keeps discussing the same issue. More than 10 meetings may have to be held, and declaration is required at each of these meetings. So, are we wasting the time of the Legislative Council doing things which are cosmetic, or really acting in the light of actual circumstances? We all will make a declaration in writing, so why bother making an additional one? Basically, the relevant proposal purely seeks to enhance efficiency. If Members have knowledge and understanding of this issue, it is simply like this. Why should we stray far from the subject? This proves that in this Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Members will exhaust every means available to take advantage of the situation. The explanation of our Rules of Procedure by some Members earlier on is also a total digression from the subject, making me feel that it is good to be a lawyer who can question every single issue and charge for every single item.

I hope Hong Kong people can realize that there is indeed a problem with the Legislative Council. Also, there is honestly a problem with this Committee because many people are only preoccupied with taking advantage of the situation. Members of the public often fail to grasp the truth of various issues, and as a result, a number of policies cannot be implemented in Hong Kong. In my view, if members of the public realize that Hong Kong is in such a situation, most of them will be extremely disappointed, and also be sorely disappointed with those people elected by them. But the bitter fact is that from my many years of experience as a legislator, I have really witnessed way too many examples of people acting against their conscience and talking nonsense, or the lamentable reality of a lack of understanding of the truth.

I have to thank two Members today. Earlier on, many people might have just heard those speeches made at the beginning. If they vote on that basis, they will have made a wrong decision. Nevertheless, I hereby offer my hearty thanks to those Members in the Legislative Council who are actually doing solid work for Hong Kong. We have found a phenomenon at internal meetings. Both the President and I are members of the Legislative Council Commission. We have repeatedly seen that although they are selected by certain opposition camps, they helplessly say that they are unable to make any decision on behalf of their respective parties. Very often, they have to go back and discuss with their party members, and their opinion may also be overturned. Seeing their helplessness, sometimes I also feel sad. The reason is that as we are sitting here, we should act out of our conscience truly in the long-term interest of members of the public rather than for securing votes for ourselves or pleasing a particular group of people.

President, I wish to reiterate that I support this motion which can enhance efficiency of the Council and will not affect other declarable interest of ours. Thank you, President.

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