Council Meetings (Oral Question): Medical Expenses Incurred on Non-working Days by Foreign Domestic Helpers (2017.11.15)

MR CHAN KIN-POR (in Cantonese): President, I would like to provide some additional information. As far as I know, the insurance sector has not set the term of not covering any risks that arise when typhoon signal No. 8 is in force. What matters most is whether the person insured has voluntarily taken certain risks, that is, whether that person goes to dangerous places of his own accord. Hence, if the employer takes out a policy with wider coverage and can provide a reasonable reason why the FDH concerned has to go out in inclement weather, it is possible to make a claim. Insurance companies will not set a threshold at the hoisting of typhoon signal No. 8, neither will taxi companies. If a taxi company tells you that a higher fare will be charged because typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted, it is unreasonable and there are no such terms. This rumour has been circulated for a very long time in Hong Kong but it is not true. No one sets a threshold at typhoon signal No. 8, 9 or 10. What is crucial is whether that person takes the risk of his own accord. I just want to clarify this point.

MR CHAN KIN-POR (in Cantonese): President, I would like to provide further information. Insurance products can be divided into two categories. Statutory insurance products stipulate that injuries sustained by FDHs at work will be covered. There are also products with wider coverage, covering the injuries sustained by FDHs when they are not at work, that is, while they are not performing their duties, such as injuries sustained on Saturdays or Sundays when they go out.

Members have also mentioned certain situations that they think should be covered by insurance products. I welcome those opinions and hope they will provide more information to the Labour and Welfare Bureau, and the Bureau will forward them to me. I believe that the insurance sector is willing to provide the services needed by the public, making their service more comprehensive.

SECRETARY FOR LABOUR AND WELFARE (in Cantonese): President, the Labour and Welfare Bureau is very willing to discuss with the insurance sector to find out whether it will introduce a wider range of insurance products for FDH employers to choose from.

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