Motion on “Appropriation Bill 2015” (2015.05.27)

MR CHAN KIN-POR (in Cantonese): Mr Albert CHAN has once again stirred up conflicts and prompted me to waste the time of the legislature to respond to his comments. I am very angry about this.

As pointed out by Mr Albert CHAN himself, his meaningless amendments have met a total defeat, and he also described this as a total defeat. It is obvious to all that in each round of voting, only three or four Members voted for these amendments, and the overwhelming majority opposed the amendments. These directly-elected Members are elected by Hong Kong people, but their actions only mean to reflect their position through their actions.

In the past month or so, a number of Members have been committed to making an all-out effort to stay in the Chamber. Although they had to sit in the Chamber for a long time, they still exerted their best to remain in the Chamber so as to maintain the operation of the legislature. I must salute to them.

On the contrary, those people who have messed up Hong Kong society have shown no repentance, nor have they reflected on their behaviour. To those people who made it a point to stir up conflicts in the legislature and wasted time, I must condemn them severely. As such, I must condemn Mr Albert CHAN severely. I implore him to drop his butcher’s knife and become a man of virtue immediately. He should stop making meaningless comments and wasting our time. Thank you, Chairman.

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