Council Meetings (Oral Question): Risk of Accidents in the Construction Industry(2011.03.24)

Question on the risk of accidents in construction industry in the Estimates of Expenditure 2011-12 by Hon KP Chan:

In view of the higher risk of accidents in construction industry as compared with other industries, will the Government set aside resources for a study on imposing heavier penalty on construction employers, contractors and sub-contractors with repeated convictions for greater deterrence?  Besides, will the Government increase the manpower and resources to strengthen prosecution against contractors and workers who have failed to comply with the laws?

Asked by:  Hon. CHAN Kin-por


For repeat offenders, the Labour Department (LD) will, upon their conviction, provide their past convictions to the Court for consideration of sentencing.  If LD considers the sentence lenient, it will request the Department of Justice to consider lodging a review/ an appeal.  Undertaking a study on imposing heavier penalty does not appear to be necessary.

In 2011-12, 15 Occupational Safety Officer I/II posts will be created to help strengthen enforcement actions against breach of construction safety legislation.

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