Motion on “Promote the Development of Local Creative Industries”(2009.02.04)

President, today Dr Samson TAM’s motion on “Promoting the development of local creative industries” is timely because under the impact of the financial tsunami, Hong Kong has to face stormy days once again. Facts have repeatedly proved that Hong Kong cannot rely on the financial services industry alone to support the whole economy. Hong Kong does need to develop creative industries so as to help us face the new challenges in the new century.

There used to be a time when Hong Kong was a breeding ground of creative talents. But creative industries were not able to grow and flourish. Some people have blamed the Government for failing to provide support actively while some have even pointed out that Hong Kong is occupied with political bickering while other regions in Asia are looking into creative industries with an all-out effort.

Mainland China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore have made tremendous efforts in the development of creative industries in recent years. They can undertake hundreds of studies and hold seminars on various aspects with only one purpose, that is, the development of creative industries. In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other mainland research institutions have been exploring the theory and practice of creative industries from different perspectives. Over the past few years, there have been voices urging for the development of creative industries in Hong Kong, but very little has been done so far. Although studies on creative industries have been conducted in Hong Kong in recent years, it is negligible when compared with those in other places.

Fortunately, the Government has decided to set up the Creative Industry Office this year in the hope that creative industries will be designated as a specific measure to stimulate employment in the upcoming budget. I hope that the Government will sincerely co-operate with the private sector in the development of creative industries in Hong Kong.

In his original motion, Dr Samson TAM proposes to secure Hong Kong as the locomotive for developing creative industries in the region, with a view to assisting the industries in expanding their markets, in particular the highly promising mainland market, and strengthening its co-operation with the industries in the Pearl River Delta region. In fact, a lot of creative talents are looking towards the north in recent years. To become the locomotive for developing creative industries in the region, Hong Kong should provide a good environment to attract more talents to stay and develop their career here. This includes giving them a platform for development, support in resources and the cultivation of a culture which stresses creativity, thereby attracting talents to settle here and make contribution to Hong Kong. I so submit.

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