Motion on “Establishing an Independent Statutory Office of the Health Service Ombudsman”(2009.01.14)

President, I would like to express my views briefly. Having listened to Honourable Members’ speeches, I am of the view that along with social changes, Hong Kong people have higher and higher expectations of the so-called fair and open policies.

If an independent statutory body can be established to handle complaints about medical services, I believe people’s confidence will be increased.

However, I am more worried about how compensation matters would be handled. As a number of Honourable colleagues who are solicitors have remarked, the point is that the court already has good mechanisms and guidelines for handling compensation matters, and it may not be suitable for an Ombudsman to handle these matters.

Thus, although I support establishing an independent statutory body, I do not agree that it should also handle compensation matters. I wish to put this on record.

Thank you, President.

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